Certificate of Origin officials upskilled in EVFTA’s Rules of Origin

Saturday March 11, 2023

Hanoi, March 10-11th 2023. Technical Assistance for the ARISE+ Programme in Viet Nam (ARISE+ Viet Nam) in close collaboration with the Agency of Foreign Trade (AFT), under the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MoIT) holds a workshop on Capacity building on Effective Implementation of EVFTA’s Rules of Origin (ROO)”. Funded by the European Union (EU), the workshop is a continuation of activities to support Vietnamese state agencies to reap benefits of EVFTA. 

Workshop participants coming from different C/O offices affiliated with Agency of Foreign Trade/MOIT

The main objective of the workshop is to provide Certificate of Origin (C/O) issuing authorities with the tools and information needed to operationalise the Electronic C/O issuance system – ECOSYS certification procedure, where C/O application documents are gradually shifting from paper-based to electronic form. The activity furthermore calls for improved precision in data entry on ECOSYS in alignment with supporting documents, thereby establishing more salient mechanisms for evidence-based decision-making in origin verification.

Addressing the workshop, Ms. DO Thi Thu Huong, Deputy Director-General of AFT, MOIT reiterated the significance of EVFTA whose entry into force carries a great meaning for both Vietnam and the EU, in the context that the COVID-19 has brought negative impacts on world economy.

Ms. DO Thi Thu Huong, Deputy Director-General of Agency of Foreign Trade under the Ministry of Industry & Trade addresses the workshop

Also delivering remarks at the workshop, Ms. Pia BULLER, Programme Officer of Cooperation and Development Section, European Delegation to Vietnam, attaches great importance to the joint activity, underlining EU’s unwavering commitment to supporting Vietnam to maximise benefits of the bilateral new-generation trade pact.

Ms. Pia BULLER, Programme Officer, Representative of the European Union Delegation to Vietnam delivers her welcoming remarks

The ARISE+ Viet Nam experts support the workshop which attracts high level of engagement, from both public and private sectors in sharing experience and discussing a range of topics including EVFTA’s regulations on Origin Certification Scheme, C/O Application for goods exporting to the EU market, and procedure for C/O EUR.1 Application via ECOSYS. Workshop participants are briefed up-to-date rules on origin certification mechanism under the EVFTA’s framework. MOIT officials, including representatives of AFT, Department of E-commerce and Digital Economy, and C/O offices, additionally exchange information and views on C/O application for goods exporting to the EU. Therefore, C/O issuing bodies, together with local businesses and sectoral associations, can come up with some policy implications and practical solutions to addressing hurdles in the process of C/O application and enhancing the effectiveness of ECOSYS.

Mr. NGUYEN Huu Nam, Project Expert reveals research findings and shares his experience of C/O application for exports to the EU

ARISE+ Viet Nam has been assisting the Government of Viet Nam, through the Ministry of Industry and Trade, on harmonisation of standards and comprehensive preparation for the implementation of EVFTA through developing a rapid response facility. It is expected that such technical assistance will be rendered to governmental bodies and policymakers to adopt policies on maximising Viet Nam’s advantages from preferential trade regimes, such as EVFTA, towards promoting inclusive economic growth and poverty reduction in the country./.

To download workshop document, please visit https://bit.ly/FTA1-3_WSdoc 


Media contact: Mr. Quyen VU, email: Quyen_Vu@dai.com

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