Tuesday February 15, 2022

Activity SPS 4: Upgrading of the two PPD laboratories responsible for pesticide quality testing and residue analysis so they can manage inter-laboratory comparison in accordance with ISO 17043

Objective: To develop specialised proficiency testing in MARD for pesticide quality testing and MRL analysis.

Counterparts: Pesticide laboratories of PPD, other pesticide laboratories involved in pesticide testing. In addition, importers and exporters of plant-origin products will directly obtain benefits because of improved testing quality of the laboratories.

Outputs and expected outcome: The activity will develop a gap analysis report and road map for compliance with ISO17043 supported by training material for capacity building. It is expected that these outputs will contribute to increasing PPD’s capacity to manage, and provide, interlaboratory comparisons for pesticide quality testing and analysis of pesticide residues in accordance with ISO17043 and hence the pesticide testing laboratory network.

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